Savage Nights in Ashmere

Session 5

Fire at the Hanged Man

  • Glass outside burn
    • Psychometry: Slender man in a green cloak, thin, peasant-like tunic, two gold earrings, gold ring on his hand. Has a small scar above his lip, probably a duelling scar.
  • Fafnir and Quinton went to the Buckets to try to find out if the Black Sons were responsible for the fire. Found out that Ruddy Tom is working with someone called “The Black” who’s helped him unite the gangs in the Buckets.
  • Morgan aqcuired the secret to Gander’s Ventriloqual Draught.
  • Morgan also witnessed the explosion of a galley on the the canal.
  • Questioned Worley about Petranath
    • Petranath has had four staff members for a long time. Two months ago he quietly sacked his chief advisor Sirasen.
    • Petranath is the acknowledged master of conjuration magic. Creator of things. So good at it, he can create temporary magically animated servants.
    • Rumor: Petranath was having an affair with a student a few years ago. Members of the council found out about it and kicked the student out of the school to prevent a scandal.

Next Time

  • Ended on Tuesday night, heist will happen late Thursday night/Friday morning.
  • Resolve: Informed Rodwar of stolen goods in the Buckets
  • Informants are looking for information about anyone who has recently lost a job at the collegium.
  • Try to find Sirasen.
  • Hopefully Urri contacts us with more info on Petranath, but we aren’t sure.
  • Talk to Rodwar re: what went on with galley explosion?
  • Find The Charcoal Club and figure out who The Black is.
  • Concoct Gander’s Ventriloqual Draght.



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