Savage Nights in Ashmere

Session 6

Crowsfoot Loot

Some workers in dock worker’s uniforms are moving the goods from Crowsfoot.
Tailed them to docks, 6 possible ships:

  • Trading Cog, Duchess of Montrose; Chelio Contose, Cpt.
  • Broken Down Trading Barge, Pulsham
  • Sleek Ship-Rigged Schooner, Aurora
  • Triple-Masted Carrack, Beaumaris
  • Large Bireme War Galley, The Usurper
  • Small Independent Sloop, The Prompte

A dock worker told us that men loaded up Duchess of Montrose just before we arrived on the docks. So we break in.

Duchess of Montrose is owned by Edwald of Marionberg, a rich spice merchant. Nothing to connect the ship to the Crowsfoot job, but there are two letters from someone named Lamatero. Ship has been anchored in Ashmere for a couple months, needed repairs. No mention in official log of taking on cargo.


We talked to Reginald Rodwar. No new info.

Morgan concocted the Ventriloqual Draught. Quinton and Fafnir headed to case the warehouse. Learn on the way that Urri Velian has been killed by infiltrators from Torsberg.


Heard back from our informants: has been blacklisted and is living like a hermit in a cottage outside the city.

The Future

Since we don’t have an interest in the power struggle in the Collegium, we’re talking about trying to move in and take over the buckets.

Next Time:

  • Currently Wednesday morning
  • We want to continue partnership with Reginald, influence
  • Rest up, start next session Thursday morning.
  • Check in with Sirasen?

In the near future, someday:

Sell Ryker’s loot to:
Duke Parma – amoral, sees himself as above the law
Lady Feire – married mostly for political convenience, wants to fall in love with the primarch
Viceroy Caldwell of Torburg – Can contact through courrier — a neutral flagged ship or over land messenger, possibly magical option



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