Savage Nights in Ashmere

Spin Off Session 3

Arrived in Rishmad. A crowd is gathered around gallows outside the city; it looks like city guardsman are about to hang some poor folks. It appears these animists, considered heretics by followers of the imperial cult. We freed them. The animists headed out to their family in the hinterlands: follow a tributary of the great river to the goat effigy, then you’re there. We decided to tag along with them; Cholorus entered Rishmad.

Determaji instructs Bashr to remove Jacma, Satrap of Rishmad, from power without harming him.

We head back to Rishmad to find Cholorus. No problems getting in. Unfortunately, Cholorus headed to the south to search a sacred/profane place haunted by a demon. We’re planning to head out to find him.



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