Savage Nights in Ashmere

Travels in the Empire Session 2

Started the session by carousing with the profits from our last adventure. Asaros intervened when Daxos, a low-level noble, was accosting a bar-goer. The noble challenged Asaros to a duel. A merchant named Valorium (carpet-seller and landlord) volunteers to be Asaros’ second – he enjoyed seeing Daxos put in his place.

The duel takes place at the Tsrinion – a place sacred to Tsrinia’i, the god of duels in the old pantheon. No longer worshipped, but duels still take place here.

Asaros fought Boagreas, a slave-duelist trained in gladiatorial combat in the fighting pits of the south.

Asaros and Bashr found and killed a corrupt tax collector.

We learned that the golems from Ruhak’s tomb will pursue us, so we fled with the scholar.



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