• Fafnir BoneBreaker

    Fafnir BoneBreaker

    A giant of the North, whose future is fraught with destiny.
  • Morgan


    A disgraced magister formerly of the White River Collegium
  • Quentin


    A thief and a rabble-rouser, a constant thorn in the side of the powerful and corrupt.
  • "One-Handed" Ruddy Tom

    "One-Handed" Ruddy Tom

    Leader of a street gang in the buckets called the Last Sons. Fafnir owes him six coins and a hand.
  • Aibizian Fischbeuren

    Aibizian Fischbeuren

    An herbalist and healer that owns a shop in the lower markets
  • Alfred


    Leader of a small band of beggar's and buskers who know to keep their eyes open.
  • Bjorn Arvasson the Crimson Blade

    Bjorn Arvasson the Crimson Blade

    Gruff but fair leader of the Jotunnsvolk clan and father of Fafnir
  • Cholorus


    An eccentric Rausfori scholar who currently resides in Setma.
  • Chou


    A deceased gang leader, legendary for his personal strength and toughness.
  • Duke Parma

    Duke Parma

    A fantastically rich nobleman with extensive lands to the northeast.
  • Eldren Pritchard

    Eldren Pritchard

    Captain of the Silver Swan, Pleasure Barge
  • Farley


    A thief and a con-artist. Former compatriot of Fafnir and Morgan.
  • Heidi


    Barmaid at the Hanged Man
  • Hidelja Frostfinger

    Hidelja Frostfinger

    A paleskinned woman of the north who stands a head taller than most men and is whispered to have truck with ice demons and the like.
  • Joce Hermon

    Joce Hermon

    Veteran Warrior and Morgan's Bodyguard
  • Lady Selysa Fieri

    Lady Selysa Fieri

    Soon-to-be bride to Primarch Mannus. Her family's wealth is based on pearls.
  • Lasteric


    Ward Representative for one of the lower market wards
  • Magteolho Mannus

    Magteolho Mannus

    The younger brother of the Primarch. A renowned duelist and possible assassin.
  • Mama Dolores

    Mama Dolores

    Ill-tempered matron of a half-way house in the Seawall district.
  • Master Silvio

    Master Silvio

    A renowned silver-and-goldsmith who has a dark reputation.
  • Petranath


    The senior-most Arch-Mage of the Collegium of the White River.
  • Phillipon Morris

    Phillipon Morris

    A successful member of the Bitterleaf cartel.
  • Primarch Logan Mannus

    Primarch Logan Mannus

    The young and charismatic Primarch of Ashmere
  • Reginald Rodwar

    Reginald Rodwar

    Dockmaster of the Row
  • Rook


    Another former gang leader. Killed while trying to extort a group of shiftless ne'er-do-wells.
  • Ryker


    Founder of Ashmere, a figure as shrouded in myths and mysteries as he is revered by the citizenry.
  • Svenn the Despoiler

    Svenn the Despoiler

    Savage and brutal leader of the Trollsclaw, a particularly well organized band of marauders not seen for some time.
  • Urri Vellian

    Urri Vellian

    The youngest consular-mage in the Collegium's history.
  • Viceroy Caldwell of Torberg

    Viceroy Caldwell of Torberg

    Diplomatic envoy to Ashmere and rival for Lady Fieri's hand.
  • Vilmos


    A street beggar that coordinates a youth gang of pickpockets and street urchins. He is missing part of his tongue and lisps because of it.
  • Warrley


    A 3rd-form student of the White River, deeply in debt to the owners of the Hanged Man.