Savage Nights in Ashmere

We Burn Down Another Building...
Its totally not my fault this time

This Time
Currently Friday night
Crash wedding?
Buy an inn/tavern in the Low Markets (Nate said 3-5k)
Gear up!
Plot and plan
Morgan: pick an advanced move for level 7

The Story So Far...
All the shit we got ourselves into

The grand city of Ashmere, crown jewel of the continent Akaria, a place of incredible sophistication, and devilish infamy. Recently there has been much gaiety and mirth as news of the impending nuptials between Primarch Logan Mannus and Lady Selysa Fieri spread through the land. At the heart of this celebration is news of a contest with the winner gaining not only an invitation to the wedding, but also an in with the most influential figures in the city. The contest is as simple in direction as it is difficult to achieve; find the lost artifact of Ryker that granted his wisdom. At the same time as this announcement many wealthy guests made their way to city bearing many exotic and expensive gifts that certain unsavory elements wouldn’t hesitate to get their hands on. This brings us to our brave heroes, a disparate band of plucky adventurers just looking for an opportunity to enhance their status in life. Looking to take advantage of one such opening they struck at the cruel bitterleaf merchant Phillipon Morris and attempted to make off with his gift for the betrothed. Unfortunately slight miscalculations in the plan resulted in a less than ideal outcome, leaving a servant of the merchant slain and the heroes only making off with an admittedly nice snuffbox. Not to be deterred the adventurers next moved on to solving the quest set forth to find Rykers lost artifact. Searching first in Rykers Tomb, some strange sigils reminiscent of a chess set. Whilst contemplating this new development a group of Northmen, led by a mysterious almost “witchy” woman, was observed entering a hidden cave system under the tomb. Following the Northerners our adventurers came across a recently emptied receptacle suspected to contain a large chess board. After leaving the caves a man identifying himself as Urri Vellian approached to make an offer; in return for the chess pieces and the board he would pay a handsome sun.


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