Savage Nights in Ashmere

Spin Off Session 3

Arrived in Rishmad. A crowd is gathered around gallows outside the city; it looks like city guardsman are about to hang some poor folks. It appears these animists, considered heretics by followers of the imperial cult. We freed them. The animists headed out to their family in the hinterlands: follow a tributary of the great river to the goat effigy, then you’re there. We decided to tag along with them; Cholorus entered Rishmad.

Determaji instructs Bashr to remove Jacma, Satrap of Rishmad, from power without harming him.

We head back to Rishmad to find Cholorus. No problems getting in. Unfortunately, Cholorus headed to the south to search a sacred/profane place haunted by a demon. We’re planning to head out to find him.

Travels in the Empire Session 2

Started the session by carousing with the profits from our last adventure. Asaros intervened when Daxos, a low-level noble, was accosting a bar-goer. The noble challenged Asaros to a duel. A merchant named Valorium (carpet-seller and landlord) volunteers to be Asaros’ second – he enjoyed seeing Daxos put in his place.

The duel takes place at the Tsrinion – a place sacred to Tsrinia’i, the god of duels in the old pantheon. No longer worshipped, but duels still take place here.

Asaros fought Boagreas, a slave-duelist trained in gladiatorial combat in the fighting pits of the south.

Asaros and Bashr found and killed a corrupt tax collector.

We learned that the golems from Ruhak’s tomb will pursue us, so we fled with the scholar.

Spin Off Session 1

Setting: City of Setma


Rausori Scholar lives in Setma, tolerated oddity. Will pay us 30 coins each to go out to the necropolis and return with the sceptre of Ruhak. Bashr’s patron informs him that Ruhak’s wealth was built on the back of his peasants – take his wealth and leave it in the market square overnight for the peasants.

How did we meet him?

  • Omar: Was going through his things when he came back. Turned into a job interview.
  • Bashr: Directed to the scholar by patron.
  • Asaros: Answered a call for adventurers.

We did it.

Session 8

- Captain of the thieve’s galley died from poison pill
- Morgan saw a vision of a black haired woman with dark skin in a building near the temple of the weeping woman with the captain shortly before the attempted heist
- Rodwar is no longer dock master, now a naval commander
- Ruddy Tom has a house near the edge of the Buckets, and also regularly frequents an animal fighting pit/gambling den
- The Black is maybe a woman, meets with Tom at the Charcoal Club. Sends a blind kid to come get him.

Session 7

Thursday Morning

Word came that tensions are high and mobs are forming.

  • Morgan went to ask Lasteric for support
  • Fafnir went to find muscle to protect our interests in the Low Market
    • Fomented a riot instead. Lovely.
  • Quinton went to scout out the warehouse where the heist is supposed to take place.
    • The Row is in shambles, the district where the warehouse is located is locked down by brozehelms.

The Low Market was damaged in the riots and is depressed – negative 1 to next ventures roll.

Thursday Night

Headed out to the scene of the heist.

Session 6

Crowsfoot Loot

Some workers in dock worker’s uniforms are moving the goods from Crowsfoot.
Tailed them to docks, 6 possible ships:

  • Trading Cog, Duchess of Montrose; Chelio Contose, Cpt.
  • Broken Down Trading Barge, Pulsham
  • Sleek Ship-Rigged Schooner, Aurora
  • Triple-Masted Carrack, Beaumaris
  • Large Bireme War Galley, The Usurper
  • Small Independent Sloop, The Prompte

A dock worker told us that men loaded up Duchess of Montrose just before we arrived on the docks. So we break in.

Duchess of Montrose is owned by Edwald of Marionberg, a rich spice merchant. Nothing to connect the ship to the Crowsfoot job, but there are two letters from someone named Lamatero. Ship has been anchored in Ashmere for a couple months, needed repairs. No mention in official log of taking on cargo.


We talked to Reginald Rodwar. No new info.

Morgan concocted the Ventriloqual Draught. Quinton and Fafnir headed to case the warehouse. Learn on the way that Urri Velian has been killed by infiltrators from Torsberg.


Heard back from our informants: has been blacklisted and is living like a hermit in a cottage outside the city.

The Future

Since we don’t have an interest in the power struggle in the Collegium, we’re talking about trying to move in and take over the buckets.

Next Time:

  • Currently Wednesday morning
  • We want to continue partnership with Reginald, influence
  • Rest up, start next session Thursday morning.
  • Check in with Sirasen?

In the near future, someday:

Sell Ryker’s loot to:
Duke Parma – amoral, sees himself as above the law
Lady Feire – married mostly for political convenience, wants to fall in love with the primarch
Viceroy Caldwell of Torburg – Can contact through courrier — a neutral flagged ship or over land messenger, possibly magical option

Session 5

Fire at the Hanged Man

  • Glass outside burn
    • Psychometry: Slender man in a green cloak, thin, peasant-like tunic, two gold earrings, gold ring on his hand. Has a small scar above his lip, probably a duelling scar.
  • Fafnir and Quinton went to the Buckets to try to find out if the Black Sons were responsible for the fire. Found out that Ruddy Tom is working with someone called “The Black” who’s helped him unite the gangs in the Buckets.
  • Morgan aqcuired the secret to Gander’s Ventriloqual Draught.
  • Morgan also witnessed the explosion of a galley on the the canal.
  • Questioned Worley about Petranath
    • Petranath has had four staff members for a long time. Two months ago he quietly sacked his chief advisor Sirasen.
    • Petranath is the acknowledged master of conjuration magic. Creator of things. So good at it, he can create temporary magically animated servants.
    • Rumor: Petranath was having an affair with a student a few years ago. Members of the council found out about it and kicked the student out of the school to prevent a scandal.

Next Time

  • Ended on Tuesday night, heist will happen late Thursday night/Friday morning.
  • Resolve: Informed Rodwar of stolen goods in the Buckets
  • Informants are looking for information about anyone who has recently lost a job at the collegium.
  • Try to find Sirasen.
  • Hopefully Urri contacts us with more info on Petranath, but we aren’t sure.
  • Talk to Rodwar re: what went on with galley explosion?
  • Find The Charcoal Club and figure out who The Black is.
  • Concoct Gander’s Ventriloqual Draght.
Session 4

We have plus 1 forward to recruit,
we have to thwart the robbery
Urri should be getting back to us on info about Petranarch

Session 3

To do list
- Talk to Reginald Rowor (dockmaster in the row), introduction through Eldren?
- Place a spy in the Collegium
- Start casing Silvio’s
- Hire more gang members (toughs, informants)
- Gather information about the Lampblacks/Ruddy Tom/Last Sons (Black Sons)

Reminder notes
Criminal activity in the row has been consolidated under the local naval brigade
Massive corruption/graft going on, which displeases Reginald
The Black Sons are consolidating power in the Buckets

We Hit the Big Time
and only steal what is absolutely necessary...

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