Lord Scurry’s Men

Ryker’s Landing
Loose organization of smugglers who have a one or more mysterious noble patrons that divert official attention.

The Lampblacks

Low Market
Former trade guild of lamplighters who turned to street crime after they were no longer necessary. Their hideout was badly damaged in an attack by Hidelja and some of Ulf’s Ironborn.

The Red Sashes

A upscale school for fencing that is now little more than a front for several high end drug dens.

The Dimmer Sisters

A highly organized criminal element run out of an illicit brothel by a pair of twin bastard daughters of nobility.

Ulf’s Ironborn

Ryker’s Landing
A mob of thugs and street toughs led by a giant man of the north. It is rumored that Hidelja Frostfinger works for him

The Foghounds

The Seawall
A small set of burglars and cutpurses that are most likely operating according to a central plan.

The Lillies

Oppose Phillipon Morris’ and the bitterleaf cartel’s “business practices” (slavery)

The Silver Nails

The Row
Mercenary company that is headquartered in the city. Takes contracts locally and abroad.


The city watch are unofficially referred to as bronzehelms due to their distinctive crested helmets.


Elite city guardsmen

Collegium of the White River

Most prestigious magical guild.


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