Custom Moves


You have two or three business ventures:

  • Apothecary or barber shop (medicine / malpractice).
  • Brothel (influence or secrets / disease or scandal).
  • Contracting service (influence / betrayal or scandal).
  • Extortion racket (influence / turf war).
  • Grain mill (influence / fire).
  • Inn (secrets / scandal).
  • Silver mine (silver / flood or strike).
  • Smithy (arms and armour / strike or theft).
  • Trade ships (exotic spices / a ship sinks).
  • Transportation service (secrets / lost goods).
    When you set up a new venture, add it to this list, along with what it produces and possible disasters it could experience. If a venture goes under, remove it from your list. When you have downtime or at the beginning of a session, choose up to three of your ventures to tend to and roll+CHA. On a 10+, each venture you chose produces either its surplus or money for you and you take +1 forward to making requests of your domain. On a 7-9, only one of your ventures produces surplus or money for you, and one venture experiences disaster, such as bankruptcy, legal problems, or the disaster listed. On a miss, all the ventures you chose experience disasters. Ventures you choose not to tend to do not produce for you and do not suffer disasters, but may still experience changes. If a venture produces money, your take is 1d6×100 coins.

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Custom Moves

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