Ryker's Landing

A district of Ashmere. Unusual, in that it is actually located on a different continent than the rest of the city.


Hundreds of years ago, Ryker’s Landing was the scene of the pivotal battle in which Lord Ryker slew the God-Emperor of the Empire of the Sand.


  • Commercial district, home to emissaries
  • Wealthy: Any mundane item can be found for sale. Most kinds of skilled laborers are available, but demand is high for their time.
  • Steady: The population is in line with the current size of the steading. Some slow growth.
  • Guard: There are armed defenders at all times with a total pool of less than 100 (or equivalent). There is always at least one armed patrol about the steading.
  • Exotic: There are goods and services available here that aren’t available anywhere else nearby. List them.
  • History, unknown ruins beneath the current structures


  • Ineb’s Alchemical Emporium – Run by Ineb, from the Empire of Sand

Ryker's Landing

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